Maria Elvira Dieppa


Maria Elvira Dieppa is an artist who works between different cities. Her most recent and current project, Nomad Studio, began in 2015 when she started to live and set up studios in Brooklyn, Mexico City, Boston, London, Berlin, Rome, and Brussels having New York City and Barranquilla, Colombia as her main studios.

Maria Elvira Dieppa won the Alejandro Obregon painting prize in 2005 and lives in the studio that belonged to him in the 1950’s. Some of Maria Elvira’s past exhibitions are Conversation for Richard Bellamy at Cuchifritos Gallery, curated by Weronika Trojanska in New York City in 2018, Addition before subtraction at Practice Gallery in New York City in 2017, “2014? Bye Felicia!” at the Bruce High Quality Foundation in New York City in 2015, Paintingwall (Janus at 8:16) at Touch Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2014, Closer to the Sun at PS122 Gallery in New York City, and 2012 Mutual Friends at the Present Company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2012.

Building a community with other artists and curators and working independently is fundamental in her practice. Thus, the first of a series of Maria Elvira’s exhibitions was Thank You for Thinking of Me in Barranquilla, Colombia in 2010. It included artists from all over the world. In 2018, she produced and co-curated two exhibitions in New York City called “Luces desde la Isla“ and Geography at the Edge. As well as one called Island, in London, England. This past month she announced the Residency Nomad Future Land.