Irma Strauss


Creation, concept and technique. Shapes and textures that represent nature are shown in the work of Irma Strauss, whereby the human figure is the central axis; abstractly highlighting the consciousness embodied in strings of watered colors that manifest themselves in the form of rivers, seas, jungles, ice, deserts and forests, and that all become a focal point and remind us of our responsibility in the form of unlimited thinking.

Embajador cultural de su país, está decidido a mostrar a través de su pintura, la encantadora y acogedora Colombia.

A jungle of colorful connections invades consciousness to represent thought by means of a remarkably graphic work as well as each individual's priorities of protecting and identifying with nature. The figures lack their gaze because open eyes do not always allow us to see the truth in what surrounds us; in addition to the artist's purposeful act to create a visual silence that draws observers to apprehend far beyond the self-evident.

Each shape and texture represent and serve as a specific geography. Her last collection was dedicated exclusively to Colombian biodiversity, jungles, mountains, paramos, rivers and seas, which constitute a rich biological system and a broad sample of the natural wealth of this area of the planet.

Every plant or animal that disappears or becomes extinct is the equivalent of losing millions of neurons that lead men to memory loss and dementia.

The only way to overturn the process is to work collectively as a team by mirroring neurons of this great network, this great natural tissue to which we all belong. Consciousness produces thoughts, thoughts produce activity and creation, and and these become effective in actions that have the potential to provide us the miracle of recovery and reconstruction of everything around us and that make our survival possible.